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Syllabus :.
WebML course for professionals
15 h.
Professional / Academic
This course is addressed to professionals willing to develop a methodological background on the development of Web applications.
The target audience comprises IT professionals, willing to complement their technological skills with analysis and design capabilities, and non-IT professionals (like project managers, graphic designers, and communication experts), who may benefit from learnng a conceptual approach to the specification, design, and implementation of a Web application.
The technological prerequisites vary depending on the actual audience. The technical impact of the course can be fine-tuned, by balancing the amount of time spent on architectural and technological issues and on conceptual modeling.
Lessons :.
LessonsDurationLesson Type
detailsConceptual modeling 1: Intro & Data model2 hoursTheory
detailsConceptual modeling 2: Hypertext model2 hoursTheory
detailsConceptual modeling 3: Operation model2 hoursTheory
detailsDevel. process 1: Intro & Requirements2 hoursTheory
detailsDevel. process 2: Data & hypertext design2 hoursTheory
detailsConceptual modeling: case study2 hoursExercises
detailsC.A.S.E. tool for Web applications3 hoursPractical (lab)
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