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In this page you can find solved exercises, lesson summaries, and so on. A new valuable resource is now available: a set of online audio lessons on WebML. You can download them from: http://home.dei.polimi.it/mbrambil/webml.htm
Graphical resources
Visio stencil for WebML diagrams (B/W) File
Visio stencil for WebML diagrams (Color) File
Projects Examples
Acme Furniture Example File
Web Forum Example File
Other materials
MagicDraw WebML Metamodel File
Summary of WebML elements File
WebML DTD File
Examination exercises
Course syllabus
Web Information Systems File
WebML Courseware
The WebML models File
Training (1): Overview File
Training (2): Data model File
Training (3): Hypertext model File
Training (4): Derivation File
Training (5): Content Management File
Training (6): Parameters File
Training (7): Development process File
Teaching materials
JSP fundamentals File
Solved Exercises:.
Table of Contents
Technologies for Web Applications
EasyXML Docs: Student's CV
MediumXML DTD: Orders
MediumXSL/XSLT: Car Sales - 1
DifficultXQuery: Car Sales
EasyXML DTD: Books
MediumXSL/XSLT: Car Sales - 2
MediumXSL/XSLT: Car Makers - 1
DifficultXSL/XSLT: Car Makers - 2
MediumXQuery: Car Makers - 1
MediumXQuery: Car Makers - 2
Data Model
EasyData Modeling: Auctions
MediumData Derivation: Auctions
Hypertext Model
MediumMusic information hypertext
EasyOutput of content units
EasyDefault link parameters
EasyDefault unit selector
DifficultNested Pages
EasyScroller units
MediumPortal hypertext
Content Management Model
DifficultLogin-based Access: Auctions
MediumCM Operations: Auctions
DifficultCreate&Connect: Auctions
DifficultCreate&Connect: Web Forum
EasyErrors in Operation Activation
Advanced Hypertext Model
EasyUnit computation
EasyNon-determinism /1
EasyNon computable page
Overview of the WebML Development Process
EasyProcess phases
Requirements Specifications
EasyUse Cases: Web Forum
MediumSite View Map: Web Forum
Data Design
EasyData design: Championship Site
MediumData Design: Web Forum
Hypertext Design
MediumAccess Sub-Schemas: Web Forum
MediumUser Profile Creation: Web Forum
MediumHT Personalization: Preferred Objects
DifficultHypertext Design: WebML.org site
EasyPages and Areas Visibility
Architecture Design
EasyWorkload characterization
EasyWeb cache location
Data Implementation
MediumStandard Mapping: Web Forum
Hypertext Implementation
Advanced Hypertext Implementation
EasyMVC architecture
EasyMVC for the Web
Tools for Model-Based Development of Web Applications
Summary of WebML Elements
WebML Syntax
OCL Syntax
Summary of WebML Elements Implementation
Easy Medium Difficult
Table of Contents
Summary of WebML Elements
WebML Syntax
OCL Syntax
Summary of WebML Elements Implementation
Materials :.
Other materials
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Examination exercises
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Course syllabus
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WebML Courseware
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Teaching materials
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Solved exercises
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